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Located in the subtropical region of Southwest Florida is a beautiful little community called South Gulf Cove. With a population of just under 2,600 people, South Gulf Cove is known for its gorgeous waterfront homes that include docks and boating access and it stunning sun rises over the Gulf of Mexico. South Gulf Cove is located just east of Rotonda and north of Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park and thus offers it residents not only the privacy that is often so rare to find in Florida but also the convenience of being within close proximity to local shopping centers, fine dining restaurants and natural beauty and recreational areas. South Gulf Cove is riddled with well maintained golf courses, warm sand beaches, ever-changing art exhibits and upscale homes that are perfect for any family looking to settle down and even grow!

With over 120 canals South Gulf Cove is the perfect place to enjoy activities such as boating, swimming and fishing. Each canal streams into the picturesque Charlotte Harbor and then from there leads to the Gulf of Mexico. South Gulf Cove is considered to be in the middle of a crossroads with easy access to almost anywhere in Florida using the Ingraham Boulevard that stretches from east to west and the Calumet Boulevard that extends from north to south both boulevards cross straight through South Gulf Cove. You will find that the residents in this area are incredibly active in the homeowners associations and volunteering alike, they strive to promote their city of both natural beauty and friendly citizens. 

Prices for the homes for sale in South Gulf Cove can vary depending on what style and size you may prefer. Almost all of the South Gulf Cove homes are on the water and can range anywhere from $110,000 to over $1 million. With a unique mix of canals and waterfront views along with a safe school district and active members of the community, South Gulf Cove can offer any family or individual an ideal place to live in southwest Florida. 

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